In three days after submitting an application for certification to “Dedal – Attestation and Certification” Ltd. an offer is prepared based on the claimed products, standards, characteristics and number of production sites.

The price for certification depends on:

• The stages in the process of attestation;Initial review of documentation;

• Initial audit of the factory and the Factory Production Control (FPC);

• Initial type testing of the product (systems 1+ and 1);

• Surveillance audits of the factory and FPC (systems 1+, 1 and 2+);

• Audit testing of samples, taken at the factory, the market or the construction site (system 1+).

• The number of products and production sites;

• The number of controlled characteristics;

• The period for which the producer wants and is prepared the Attestation Process to end and the languages in which the certificate will be issued.