Dedal is a private, family owned group of companies, established back in 1999. We are active in the field of certification. Dedal has highly qualified personnel and long-standing experience in the control of construction and production of construction products. The company is a Notified Body for CE marking No. 1922 to the European Commission and accredited ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001(BS OHSAS 18001), ISO 50001 Certification Body.

Our clients are producers in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Chile, India, Hong Kong, UK, Finland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Japan, South Кorea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UАЕ), Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Azerbaijan.

Map of Dedal