Policy and goals in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17065


of Construction products certification department of "Dedal - A&C" Ltd.


The management of PCB at "DEDAL – ATTESTATION AND CERTIFICATION" Ltd. is committed to implementing and maintaining a management system.

The main goal for the development and implementation of a management system is the desire to prove that we meet the requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard and the applicable certification schemes (systems).

The management, personally and with the help of its employees, is committed to constantly adhering to the Policy, stating its main goals:

  • Management of activities and application of basic principles ensuring trust in certification in all stakeholders, avoiding conflicts of interest and discriminatory conditions, financial stability and necessary resources;
  • Legал negotiation for the provision of certification services;
  • Full, accurate and constant definition of the duties, responsibilities, staff authorities, efficient training and application of the principles and methods of the developed and implemented MS;
  • Implementation and improvement of the efficiency of processes to ensure that staff have the appropriate knowledge, in accordance with the certification scheme (system) and for each function in the certification activities;
  • Immediate response to objections and complaints;
  • Immediate response to signals from associates for deviations, omissions and deficiencies, affecting both its activities and the PCB's system at "DEDAL - Attestation and Certification" Ltd.
  • Provision of resources for development, maintenance, periodic review and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the implemented management system and the activities in the company;
  • Provision of reliable, non-misleading, timely information related to certification processes, as well as providing, terminating or revoking certification
  • Protection of the professional secrecy of the information received or created during the certification activities by the staff, committees or persons acting on behalf of the PCB at "DEDAL -  Attestation and Certification" Ltd.

As managers of "DEDAL - attestation and certification" ltd. 


Our personal involvement and implementation of the current policy

The policy and goals are announced, understood, communicated, maintained at all levels in the organization and are applied by all employees in "DEDAL - Attestation and Certification" Ltd. It can be changed and updated at each annual Management review.


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