Children playgrounds inspection



The safety of children on their playgrounds does not depend solely upon the initial design of the site and the selection of equipment. Its continued management and theprovision of high quality inspection and maintenance programmes are essential. Dedal is accredited to perform inspection and certification in playground safety.

Purpose of audit PURPOSE OF AUDIT

 From a safety standpoint, playground audits and inspections are important for two main reasons: they help to keep your playground safe for the children who use it, and they help to protect your organization legally. An audit by a certified inspector can reveal small problems that can mean the difference between safety and harm, so you can make the changes before a problem occurs. The certificate is written proof of your organization’s concern for the well-being of the children on the playground.

Audit scope AUDIT SCOPE

Our playground inspectors examine every piece of equipment, playground surfacing, the playground borders, and any other item found in the play area. The inspectors do what kids do best: climb, pull, jump, and crawl all over (and under) the play equipment, giving it the same rigorous physical pressure that it receives every day. Inspectors take careful measurements and photos, to compare the condition of the equipment with the safety standards.

Audit report AUDIT REPORT

For every playground we inspect, you’ll receive a comprehensive audit report. After you receive the report, the inspector will be available to you to answer any questions that you may have. The audit reports are highly detailed. The audit report includes the following:

  • Inventory of your playground equipment
  • An evaluation of your playground and its contents, following the safety standards
  • Descriptions of non-conformities
  • Recommendations for bringing your play area into compliance
  • Any additional information that you may require