CE certification of prefabricated panels in Russia

There are many benefits of using prefabricated panels – savings, safety, sustainability, reduced project schedules and a reduction of labor costs. With time, money and material all being limited resources, efficiency and innovation have become the focus of the modern construction practices.

We are glad to announce that after a successful initial audit in the production plant of BENSTROY, Moscow, Russia, we have added to our portfolio 2 new standards:
CE certification according to EN 14992:2007+A1:2012 Precast concrete products. Wall elements.
CE certification according to EN 13224:2011 Precast concrete products. Ribbed floor elements.

The CE certified products are:
Precast concrete wall elements - Types: BENPAN, BENPAN+ and BENPAN PREMIUM
Precast concrete ribbed floor elements - Type: BENPAN Floor Panel Anlysis.

Our team is truly satisfied to complete this project and to support the producer BENSTROY LLC in the CE compliance of their products as we believe that the future of sustainable construction depends on modular approach, prefabrication, and energy efficiency. Prefabricated buildings designed and built using green practices can bear the true benefits of industrialization, the effectiveness of energy conservation, and the efficiency of operations and maintenance.