CE certification of metal chimneys in Greece

Svetlana from Dedal during the factory production control audit of Artkamin

We are pleased to share another completed project for CE certification of chimneys according to the harmonized EN standards:
EN 1856-1 Chimneys - Requirements for metal chimneys - System chimney products;
EN 1856-2 Chimneys - Requirements for metal chimneys - Metal flue liners and connecting flue pipes.

The company ARISTOTELIS TSIRIGOTIS SIA OE produces single and double wall stainless steel chimneys and vents under the trademark ARTKAMIN.
The production facilities are situated in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, Greece. The company, founded in 1993, is a pioneer in the field of stainless steel chimneys manufacturing with high technical knowledge and implemented strict criteria for their factory production control.

We are glad that they have trusted Dedal with the CE compliance of their products and wish ARTKAMIN further success on the market.