CE certification of welding consumables according to EN 13479:2017

Our auditor Daniela and representatives of the Wire Production Ltd. team after a successfully conducted audit for CE certification according to standard EN 13479:2017 - Welding consumables.

After a successful audit of the Factory Production Control of Wire Production Ltd., Dedal has issued a CE certificate according to the standard EN 13479:2017 “Welding consumables - General product standard for filler metals and fluxes for fusion welding of metallic materials.”
This European Standard specifies product characteristics and related test/assessment methods for filler materials (welding consumables as defined in ISO/TR 25901-1) and fluxes to be used for fusion welding of metallic structures or composite metals and concrete structures in construction works.

Wire Production LTD is located in the city of Shumen, Bulgaria. The company is a leading manufacturer of low carbon soft and hard hot-dip galvanized wire, black annealed wire, spring wire, and steel fibers for reinforcing concrete, mortar, or grout. The manufacturing plant spreads out on over 25,000 m2. Wire Production Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company to certify its product – welding copper wire according to EN 13479:2017.
We are glad to support Wire Production LTD in the verification of their product compliance and wish them further success on the local and international market.