The annual meeting of Dedal was held on October 2, 2021 in Hotel Diva, Chiflika resort

For the second time DEDAL BUSINESS GROUP organizes a visit to DIVA Hotel in CHIFLIKA resort, TROYAN, to hold an annual company meeting.

During the meeting, a general assessment of the achievements of the companies was made, compared to the results of 2019, given that the global pandemic led to a decline in revenues in 2020 by 15.3% compared to 2019 and the results of 2020. cannot be considered representative.
The results as of 31.08.2021 give hope that 2021 will be the most successful year in the 22-year presence of the companies on the market, as "DEDAL - ATTESTATION AND CERTIFICATION" Ltd. has taken a stable position in the international market and forms 90% of total revenue of the four companies in the group. The growth compared to 2019, for the first 8 months of the year, marked a 3.4% increase.

We want to thank all our colleagues and partners who, through their dedication and impeccable work, make it possible for Dedal to keep on growing every year.
We also would like to thank the kind hosts of Hotel Diva, who created wonderful conditions for work and rest of the team, because our main company motto is to stay healthy, and everything else we will achieve with faith in ourselves and our team.

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The meetings were substantive, the discussions brief and accurate.
The heads of departments led the discussions.
There were many questions raised and reasons for reflection.
Вe also вант то thank the colleagues who could not attend, but joined online
Katya, the leader of the CPR department - strict but always fair :)
Svetla, head of Management Systems Certification Department
More smiles :)
Eng. Anastasova is a new, valuable addition to the team
Tanya - full of energy, as always
Anna - our proud manager
And the serious male part of Dedal
Neno - in a good mood, as always
Final preparations ...
And a group picture to commemorate the day!
We also thank the kind hosts for the wonderful conditions