Our Team

Dedal is made of professionals who have the necessary competence, qualification and personal qualities. Our auditors are dedicated and flexible. After many years of experience we are still ready for new challenges every day.
еng. Anna Vasileva
Manager / Auditor
arch. Galina Vasileva
Manager China / Auditor
Konstantin Kondov
Technical expert / Auditor
eng. Katya Angelova
Head of department "Certification of construction products"
eng. Ivaylo Gugalov
Technical expert / Auditor
Maria Dimova
Internal auditor
Katya Mileva
eng. Dafina Valasopulo
Technical expert / Auditor
eng. Nadiyana Vasileva
Quality representative
eng. Veselina Popova
Technical expert / Auditor
Mario Bratovanov
Inspection Body Type A
Atila Kyuchukov
Technical expert / Auditor
Mirena Miteva
Auditor / Inspector Technical Standrads
Fevzi Yumer
Technical Expert / Auditor
eng. Svetlana Spasova
Head of department "Certification of management systems"
eng. Shawn Yang
eng. Stoyanka Kapralova
Quality Auditor
eng. Ivan Babev
Inspector - Type A
arch. Ljubima Karacheva
eng. Neno Nedjalkov